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I am a certified Integral Eye Movement Therapy Practitioner and member of the Association of Integral Eye Movement Therapy, specialising in trauma.  

IEMT is a rapid change healing modality which helps us to desensitise and disassociate unwanted emotions relating to past experiences and the personal identities we develop throughout our lives. It is particularly effective when working with trauma, including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) & CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but is very successful when applied to coping with all the unwanted emotions relating to our past experiences.

Often, the emotions we are struggling with can develop over time and we may not directly correlate them with a particular experience. However, within these sessions we will work following a specific, well-defined pathway (algorithm) to discover from where these emotions developed and then clear them from your subconscious. Clients often report that the memories they have of these past events become more distant, and that they almost feel like they are now the observer of what took place rather than in the experience and within one IEMT session the way you can feel about an event can change completely.

And the most amazing part…disclosure is not necessary! If you are not comfortable discussing your experiences and emotions, or struggle to put in to words what it is you’re needing to change, then this is without a doubt the therapy for you! 

The process and algorithm that are used do not require any information to be shared by you for this amazing therapy to take affect and change how you feel every day.

Are the following emotions troubling your day to day life…?


If so, contact me and I will help you to heal your life!

In addition to IEMT, I have been studying meditation practices, mindfulness techniques and the effects of our experiences and emotions on our physical and mental health for a number of years. 

As someone who has battled with mental health struggles throughout my childhood and adult life and has personally utilised both IEMT and these meditation skills to transform my subconscious programming and, as a result, my daily life experiences, I feel it is time to share this knowledge and expertise to all who are ready to make this change for themselves!

I have developed my skills over many years of study and practice and have used these skills to create a life of blissful experiences, wonderful people and an abundance of health, love and prosperity. 

Now, I want to share this journey of self discovery and love and show you that you have everything you need within you right now to do the same. 

Your life can truly be one of happiness, love, prosperity and a wealth of wonderful experiences…I can’t wait to meet you and witness you create this for yourself!

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